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This article will guide you through the additional details required for applicant enrolment. 

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User Role 

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 

How to: Add Additional Details 

This part of the enrolment process is made up of a number of steps: 

Personal Details

The additional personal details section is used to capture the remaining personal details about the applicant, including: 

  • ​​National Insurance Number & Unique Learner Number (ULN)
  • Details about the applicant's background. If the applicant has previously been in care or has an Educational Health Care Plan, you will have the ability to upload supporting evidence.
  • Next of Kin details
  • Household details, including address

​​Conditional Warnings - 2 conditional warnings can be triggered:

  1. If the applicant has previously been in care: "Evidence should be uploaded​"
  2. If the applicant has an Educational Health Care plan: "Evidence should be uploaded"

Identity Verification

Within the Identity Verification section you can record what documentation you have used to verify the applicant's identity:​​


Once you've selected the type of identification you will then be able to enter the relevant reference number of the document and confirm that you have checked the document. We have a number of standard options, however, if the applicant doesn't have any of these types then you can select 'Other' as the Identification type, write in what document you have, followed by the document number. 

If you are allowing the applicant to upload their identification documents then this section will be restricted so that only the trainer can access it. When you access it, the ID type & number already be populated, together with an image of the ID. Once the ID has been confirmed the image will be deleted. 

Support & Access requirements

Within the Support & Access requirements section, you can record if the applicant has any learning difficulties, disabilities or health problems that might affect their learning. If the applicant does have a disability or difficulty you are able to select what disability or difficulty they may be affected by. If they have multiple then you can select the primary disability or difficulty. You can also detail additional comments and notes:


You must complete the declaration and confirmation checkbox to confirm that the applicant’s disability information is correct and up to date. 

Employer Details

​Within the Employer Details section, you can view details of the employer and employer contact that the application is linked to. You will have to state the number of employees the employer had in the previous 12 months and identify how the apprenticeship is going to be funded. Both pieces of information are used when the funding outcome of the application is calculated:



If you need to change the employer contact that the application is linked to then you can do so from this screen by selecting 'Edit' next to the Employer Contact. This will only be enabled if there are multiple employer contacts linked to the employer. Once you update the employer contact this information will cascade through to the application documents (Training Plan, Funding etc). 



The Employer Details page will also show you details of any certificates stored for the employer. If you don't have any, or they are out of date, then you can select 'Edit Employer Details' which will take you to the employer section where you can edit this information.  

Within this section, you will also be asked "Are you delivering this apprenticeship to your own employee?". Selecting Yes from the options will then trigger the LearnDelFamType (LDM) and associated Monitoring Code (356 - Apprenticeship being delivered to own employees) to be added to all relevant aims in the ILR for that learner.

A full list of LDM codes can be found here: https://guidance.submit-learner-data.service.gov.uk/ 

​​Conditional Warnings - 1 conditional warning can be triggered:

  1. If the employer employed less than 51 people in the preceding year: "Evidence should be uploaded."

Qualification Details

Within the Qualification Details section, you are able to add details about the applicant's prior qualifications. Note this section is only displayed if you have stated that the applicant has prior qualifications in the Qualification Overview section.

You are able to enter the subject, qualification, grade and year. Additionally, you can upload evidence of the qualifications. The sections are repeating, so if you have multiple qualifications to add just select 'add another qualification. If the learner is on the LRS, you will be able to pull through any qualifications the learner holds by clicking ‘Find & add qualifications from LRS’. More information on this can be found in the ‘Using the LRS’ section of Knowledgebase.



If the applicant has already added details of their qualifications then you'll see them populated in the table above with a source of 'Added by learner'. You can edit these as required. 

Selecting 'Find or Add Qualifications from LRS' will allow you to search, & retrieve, qualifications from the Learning Records Service. More details can be found here

Written Statement

Within the Written Statement section you are able to detail why the applicant wishes to complete the apprenticeship and what they hope to gain from it: 

written statement.png

Functional Skills assessment

If the programme has been configured to require BKSB Functional Skills Assessments then this section will be displayed. If you have not selected FS Assessments within the programme creation, this section won’t appear in the application process. The assessments are performed by BKSB and the applicant will automatically be registered when the programme is selected – you do not need to create them within your BKSB account as well.

Once registered the applicant will receive an e-mail asking them to complete the assessments. If they haven't completed them you can access the tests by selecting 'Go to tests'. 




Once complete the test results will be displayed within this section. Bud checks for results every five minutes. If there is a mismatch between the applicant's BKSB ID and Bud then you are able to refresh details by selecting 'Refresh BKSB Account'. 

Please note the next two steps are optional and can be turned off if your training provider doesn't require this information:

Learning Style

Within the Learning Style section, you are able to record the applicant's default learning style. 




Training Provider Questions

Allows you to ask for any additional information not already captured within the standard application process. The questions are configured at training provider level, so all questions will be displayed to all applicants. 

You can ask questions which have either a 'Yes / No' or free text answer. If you are utilising a 'Yes / No' answer then the answer can trigger further question(s). Please contact your account manager should you want to utilise this. 

Once all of this information has been populated you will be able to proceed to the Applicant Summary​ where all the details supplied are displayed to the Applicant and Employer for review and approval. 







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