Enrolment - High Level Eligibility - Create a Stub Record and Check Eligibility


This article will guide you through the initial steps to creating an application record. This record contains minimal information and will allow you to invite the applicant to complete some of the details themselves.  

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  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 

How to: Create a Stub Record 

Step 1 - Select the new applicant button applicant and select the application type 

New applicant.PNG

Step 2 - Select Company

Select the company that the applicant works for. You have the ability to search using the company name, which is helpful when working with a large number. All employers and their locations are displayed here, if you work with multiple locations for the same employer you will see them listed here.

Please note: once you have selected the employer and you complete this initial process you won't be able to change it until the application has been completed and the applicant is a learner.  If you need to edit the employer at this stage Bud recommends archiving the applicant and re-enrolling them. 

Step 3- Select Employer Contact

Select the employer contact, which is usually the applicant's line manager. If you only have one contact set up for the employer then you just need to click 'next' as that contact is pre-selected. If you have multiple, you'll need to select the contact you wish to use before selecting next. 

The contact can be updated at a later stage in the application, and once the applicant is learning. Also, you can have different employer contacts signing each application document, if required. 

Step 4 - Enter the Applicants Details

All details on this page are mandatory, apart from the middle name and the mobile number (ensure not to include spaces when inputting the mobile number).

Please enter a personal e-mail address, and not a work e-mail address. This avoids any complications around the applicant being an employer contact and also ensures that should the applicant (once they are a learner) leave their employer, they will still be able to access their learning plan.

In this step, you can invite the applicant to register for Bud and prefill as much of the application as possible before it is reviewed with the trainer. 

Step 6 - Invite Applicant Yes/No

If you select to invite the applicant to register for Bud they will be required to complete some of the application details by themselves. Selecting 'invite' will send an automated e-mail to the applicant detailing how to do this and update the application status to 'Invited'.

  • More information on inviting applicants to self-register can be found here
  • More details on statuses can be found in the Applicant Journey section. 

Step 7 - Check Eligibility 

If you select no the applicant will be in a status of 'New' and you will be taken through to a check eligibility section to complete the following: 


  • Programme details - If the programme has BKSB initial assessments (IA) included an invite will be sent to the learner to complete their BKSB assessments.
  • Basic personal details 
  • Employment overview
  • Qualification overview

Additional Details: 

  • Additional personal details 
  • Identity verification 
  • Support and access requirements
  • Employe details
  • Qualification details
  • Written statement                                                                                                                                   

More information on completing the Additional Details section can be found here. 

The sign-up meeting is scheduled within this section by clicking on the 'SCHEDULE SIGN-UP MEETING' at the top of the page as highlighted below: 

sign up button v2.png


This button will only become available to use once all of the eligibility sections have been completed, by turning from grey to blue as highlighted below: 

sign up button blue v2.png

Please note that when an applicant is in the status of 'New' or 'Invited', it indicates that it is at the earliest stage of the process, few details have been entered, and the sign-up meeting has not been scheduled. 


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