Overview - Applicant Statuses Explained



Statuses are used to indicate what stage an individual application is at in the overall Applicant Journey. ​

How to: Applicant Statuses Explained

The following statuses are used throughout the process:

  • New – Application is first created in the system and some details have been entered
  • Invited – Applicant has been invited to register and complete some details themselves. Some details have also already been entered by the training provider
  • To Schedule – Initial eligibility details have been completed and sign up meeting is ready to be scheduled
  • Scheduled – Sign up meeting has been scheduled but the training plan has not been signed
  • Archived – Application has been archived so cannot be edited or progressed any further
  • Committed – Apprenticeship Agreement and Training Plan have been signed, learning plan generated and learning can start. Funding has not yet been signed.
  • Signed up – Funding has been signed off by the employer and the learner is fully signed up to the programme. A user is now able to perform compliance checks.
  • Signed up Edited – Application is being edited
  • Completed – Application has been completed, all documents have been signed and compliance checked and everything is complete
  • Completed Edited – Application is being edited

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