Programme Configuration - Creating a Programme for Standards


This article will guide you through how to create a programme for an apprenticeship standard. It is important to note here that it is essential you inform us of the standards and qualifications you wish to deliver prior to building your programmes. This is to ensure that the relevant criteria for each standard or qualification are already in the system, on the occasion that they are not you will need to make a request through and allow up to 10 working days for the criteria to be populated in our system.  For qualifications, you will need to provide us with the relevant qualification handbook so we can copy the criteria into the system.

User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Programme Contributor
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Create a Programme for a Standard:

Prior to building your standard, you should know the types, titles and ordering of activities. The following instructions detail how to set up a programme based on a standard.  


Please note: There is also an additional piece of information that the video does not cover when adding/editing a qualification:

  • When you edit the qualification details there is a "Funding" section. Directly underneath the "Funding" title, there is the check box "ESFA funded", which should be selected if the qualification is mandatory and fundable. There are times when you may wish to add non-mandatory qualifications which you can’t claim funding for. In these cases, you should leave this box unselected.

How to Create a Programme - Written Steps: 

1. Once you log in, navigate to the “Programmes” pane and press “Get Started”


2. Now navigate to the “New Programme” button:


3. You will then be asked to select whether the programme will be a standard or a framework. For the case of this example, we will set up a standard:


4. Now you will be asked to search for the standard. Either enter the standard code or part of the standard title to start your search:


5. Select the appropriate standard:


6. If your standard has different specialism pathways, it will be at this point that you choose the desired specialism.

7. You will be asked to select any associated qualifications or functional skills you wish to deliver as part of the programme:


8. Once you’ve selected the appropriate qualifications hit the “Confirm and Create Programme” button:


Please note that qualifications can be changed or removed after this point so don’t worry.

9. The following page shows the next stages of programme setup:


Please note you are able to change the apprenticeship duration in monthly, weekly, and daily increments, as long as the programme duration is not less than 12 months. Suggested duration is provided when setting a start date and entering weekly working time during Applicant Sign-Up

10. The “standard” tab is the next section of the programme. This will present you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours of your chosen standard. You can use the accordion menus to view the learning outcomes. If there are any optional components to your standard, you will be able to select the desired options here:


11. The next section is the “qualifications” tab. This is where you can add, remove or edit qualification information associated with this programme.


In this particular example, we didn’t choose any qualifications. However, if you were to press the “+ New Qualification” button, you would be given a selection of relevant qualifications to select from. If a qualification is selected, you can edit timescales and optional units from this section. Here is an example below:


12. The “functional skills” tab allows you to add, remove or edit functional skills associated with this programme.

The “edit” button will allow you to edit the suggested duration that these functional skills take as well as the start month. This is identical to the previous “qualifications” section functionality:


The basics of your programme are now set up and are editable at any time until you publish it. The next stage is to look at creating your activities within Bud.


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