Programme Approvals and Management - Archiving a Programme


Once a programme is published, there may be times you want to archive it. For example, you may have cloned the programme and made some changes to it which make the original programme redundant. Please note that you cannot delete a published programme, it must be archived.

User Role  

  • Programme Contributor
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Archive a Programme

The following instructions cover the steps to archive a programme. 

How to Archive a Programme - Written Steps: 

1. To archive a programme, hit the drop-down arrow next to the “edit” button on the programmes page. This will show a drop-down menu. Select the “Archive” button:




2. The following warning message will display:




Make sure you’re certain you want to archive the programme and then hit “Archive”. You will still be able to view the programme on the programmes page but the status will be changed to “Archived” and you will be unable to edit the programme. 





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