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This article will guide you through how you can use the Learning Records Service (LRS) through Bud. If you have integrated your training provider’s LRS account with Bud, you are able to search for applicants to find/create their unique learning number (ULN) and return their Personal Learning Record relevant to their application. 

Please note whilst the ULN field is optional at the applicant stage when you come to submit an ILR you will be required to fill in this field to prevent an error from occurring.

Bud recommends completing the LRS check to find/create a ULN for the applicant as part of the enrolment process. This will ensure a ULN is attached to the applicant's future Learning Plan and populated in ILR automatically.  

User Role:

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  • General Administrator 

How to: Using the Learning Records Services

There are two areas within the application process where you can use the LRS: 

  1. In the additional personal details section to confirm or find an applicant's ULN or to create a new one if required 
  2. In the additional qualification details section to search for the Personal Learning Record (PLR) of the applicant

We have also put together a video tutorial to support you. 

1. ULN search/creation 

You can search for ULN or confirm a provided ULN using the LRS: 

When the ULN is unknown then you can search the LRS using the demographic search shown above.  Once you have entered the mandatory fields required to search the LRS, you will be presented with the search results. Upon confirming the search results match the applicant's details then click Add ULN to add that ULN to the applicant's personal details.

If a match is not found, you will have the option to register the learner for a ULN.

2. Personal Learning Record (PLR) search


  • If you have already found or confirmed the ULN in the previous LRS search then you can use the ULN to search the LRS for the PLR of the applicant. 
  • Once you have confirmed the search results match the applicant, then you can view the PLR held on the LRS. 
  • From the qualifications displayed, you can select all or those qualifications applicable to the application, and then add the selected qualifications to the applicant's existing qualifications details. 

Video tutorial

The video below shows how you can use the LRS to search for an applicant to find their ULN and return their Personal Learning Record (PLR) to add any existing qualifications that are relevant to the application. 


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