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This article explains how a trainer can check an applicant's ID. To use this functionality the ID documents feature switch must be enabled. For more information please speak to your Customer Success Manager. 

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How To: Check Identification Documents 

Within the application process, it's possible to ask an applicant to upload a copy of their ID to allow a trainer to check it. The video below explains the functionality. For those of you that would prefer to read through the process the steps are also written out below the video: 

Check Identification Documents - Written Steps: 

If you have this feature switched on then an applicant will be asked to provide details of their identification on step 6 of the applicant journey. They'll be able to select the type of ID, enter the document number and then upload a copy of the ID:


Once the applicant has completed this step their ID information will be available for the trainer to check, including the image, if it's been uploaded.

Note that for security reasons only the assigned trainer will be able to access and confirm the ID. The ability to view this section will be disabled for all other users:


Once the trainer has confirmed the ID documents are acceptable we'll automatically delete any copies of ID that were uploaded by the learner. 

Should you require this functionality please contact your account manager. Please note that this will only apply to NEW applications created after we have turned this feature on for you. 



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