Enrolment - Additional Details - Selecting the Appropriate Source of Funding


This article provides an overview of assigning how applications will be funded.


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How to: Select the Appropriate Source of Funding 

When completing the employer details within the additional details section Bud, users can capture how the application will be funded with the following options:

  • Levy
  • Non-Levy - funded through ESFA Contract
  • Non-Levy accessing reserved funds
  • Non-Levy accessing Levy Transfer

The same question will be presented when you edit an application or complete a change of employer for a learner.

The options will be reflected in the application documentation and will update the ILR to accurately report the correct ACT codes:

  • Is Levy (ACT-1)
  • Is Non-Levy (ACT-2)
  • Is Non-Levy payer, accessing Reserved Funds (ACT-1)
  • Is Non-Levy payer, accessing Levy Transfer (ACT-1)

Please note to be eligible for the extra support for small employers and consequently, the Small Employer Waiver (ILR: SEM1) code be applied the learner's employer size, age at start of programme and EHCP status are all taken into account. 


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