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This article will guide you on how to create an employer within the platform. This is an important step in managing your tenancy and must be completed prior to enrolling applicants to that employer.

The employer administrator and operation manager roles can create Employers in Bud. Please note, that those with a Trainer User role will be able to access this area and update employers, add contacts etc. However, they will not be able to create employers. This is to help control data integrity within the platform.

Prefer to watch a video? Click here to watch a webinar on employer administration as part of our Client Education series. 

User Roles

  • Employer Administrator
  • Operations Manager

How to: Create an Employer 

  • Navigate to the employers section of Bud.
  • Click the blue ‘+ New employer button’


Follow the steps onscreen to add:

  • Company registered name
  • Postcode
  • Type of Location (optional)
  • Additional information - including the Employer Reference Number (ERN). This is no longer a requirement within the ILR you do still have the option to capture it. This is a 9-digit numeric number, if unknown visit guidance here for more information on how to retrieve this. Please note If you cannot find an Employer Identifier using the search facility, you should use the value 999999999, for more information on how this employer impacts your ILR click here
  • Employer Contact details – please note, that every employer must have at least one employer contact linked to the site.

You will also be asked if you wish to assign the business to a parent employer. Simply click the button to add them as a child employer. If there is no parent employer do not select this option. 


For further information on employer hierarchy please click here.

Please note if you wish to delete an employer please contact Please ensure that no learners are associated with the location before making the request. 




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