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This article will explain and take you through how to use the Employer Hierarchy within the platform, where you can create a hierarchy of up to five employers. 

User Roles

  • Employer Administrator
  • Sales
  • Operation Manager

How to: Use Employer Hierarchy Overview

To find out more watch the video below or alternatively, if you would prefer to read about the employer hierarchy, click on each of the below: 


Creating the Hierarchy

There are two ways that you will be able to create the hierarchy

1. Assigning Parent employers to existing records.

When viewing an employer record there is a parent employer panel where you can select to assign a parent.

You will be presented with a search box to find a parent employer from your existing list of employers.

Note: Any employers who are a child of your record will not be selectable when searching for a parent.

2. Adding child records to an employer.

You can add new employers against an existing employer by selecting the add child employer on the landing page. This will automatically assign the existing employer as the parent.


The hierarchy is restricted to 5 levels, once you reach level 5 the add child button will be greyed out and a warning message displayed.



Updating the Hierarchy

You can manage the hierarchy by changing or removing the parent employer. If you change the parent employer of an employer with child records then the employer and its children will move to the new hierarchy.

If the parent is removed, the employer will become the "head employer, " creating a new hierarchy including any existing child records.


Viewing the Hierarchy

Within the Employers area of Bud, you will see a list of all your employers. The top of the hierarchy ( which includes single employers) will display the "head employer" badge.

If there are children nested under the head employer the drop-down option will be blue to indicate that there are child records, this also applies to additional layers of the hierarchy.

When searching for an employer all matches will be returned, if the employer has child records then you will be able to drill down to view these records as well.



Within the employer record iself, a breadcrumb trail is displayed at the top to indicate the level within the hierarchy, you will be able to navigate to employers in the breadcrumb by selecting them.




The parent and child records for an employer will be displayed within the record



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