Employer Portal Reports Permissions


The employer reports can now be accessed in the Employer Portal by your employer contacts. The reports will only be displayed to contacts you chose to provide the permissions to. The reports will provide data on all Applicants and Learners at the employer and any child employers associated.

Permissions can be added to the following user roles: 

  • Employer Admin,
  • Sales, 
  • General Admin

How to: Employer Portal Reports Permissions

The following video will guide you through how to provide employer contacts with access to the reports. For those of you that would prefer to read through the process, the steps are also written out below the video: 


Adding the Permission 

When creating or editing an employer contact there is now the option to add the reports permission.


Once the report permission has been saved the Employer Contact will have access to the Reports when they log in. You can see who has access when viewing an employer contact by the disabled or enable icons.




Employer Portal View

Once you have provided the permission to your chosen contact, when they log in they will see the “Reports” option on the primary navigation 


If they have permission for multiple employers then to view the report they must select which employer they wish to view.



If you provide access at multiple layers within the hierarchy it will show multiple options.

Bud recommends

You provide access at the highest level and the data will be shown in the reports for any of the child employers.



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