Choosing How Your Learner Will Be Funded


This article will show you how to select funding. There are two ways you can do this within the employer record itself or during the application process. 

User Roles

  • Employer Administrator
  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager

How to: Select Funding

1. Within an employer record

It is possible to indicate if they are a Levy or Non-Levy payer.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Employers’ section of Bud.
  2. Search for the relevant employer and select. 
  3. Navigate across to ‘Additional Information’, click edit and select the relevant option. 


This selection will not inform anything in the ILR, it is just for information purposes.

2. When enrolling a learner


Within the employer details section of the additional details aspect of the enrolment users will be asked to select from 4 options for how the learner is going to be funded: 
  1. Is Levy (ACT-1)
  2. Is Non-Levy (ACT-2)
  3. Is a Non-Levy payer, accessing Reserved Funds (ACT-1)
  4. Is a Non-Levy payer, accessing Levy Transfer (ACT-1)


Whichever option you choose will impact the ILR, adding/updating the ACT codes accordingly. 







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