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This article will guide you through how to complete the skills scan at enrolment. Please note that this is a feature switch and must be switched on in order to assess a learner's start point.

User Role 

  • Trainer 
  • Operations Manager
  • General Administrator 

How to: Complete a Skills Scan 

If you have this feature enabled, you will be required to complete a skills scan for all learners that go through enrolment, it cannot be bypassed. 

Applicants and trainers can together provide a rating for each Learning Outcome on the Standard and the results of this will enable you to configure the activities and determine any reduction in funding required for prior learning.

The results of the skills scan can be compliance checked and will form the starting point for the learner. These results will be visible in the learner's Learning Plan once signed up, under the 'Reviews' section.

Please note skills scan scores cannot be edited post-enrolment. If a score/s is too high upon compliance check then we advise:
  1. Complete the sign-up again, or
  2. Complete an immediate review noting the newly agreed skill scan levels with the learner and note in any supporting comments the reason for the change. 

The reason this cannot be edited is to aid compliance and reduce the instances of the scores being manipulated if it’s decided they’re too high. 






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