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This article provides an overview of the steps involved in building a training plan (previously commitment statement). 

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How to: Building a Training Plan Process

Once all the application details have been captured these can be reviewed in the Applicant Summary before completing the enrolment process. The next steps are where qualifications and activities can be exempted, the start date and duration entered and the Apprenticeship Agreement & Training Plan signed. Once the Training Plan is signed the Learning Plan will be generated & the applicant will become an apprentice.

Below is an outline of this process: 

  1. Review and sign the application summary
  2. Review qualification exemptions
  3. Enter the start date and duration 
  4. Complete a skills scan 
  5. Complete the RPL discussion activities 
  6. Review programme activities 
  7. Specify additional learning support
  8. Enter ESFA comms and preferences
  9. Review and sign the apprenticeship agreement 
  10. Review and sign the training plan


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