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This article will guide you through how to review all of the programme activities.

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How to: Review Programme Activities

Each activity will be listed out, together with the dates they are expected to be completed, based on the start date and duration:


You can view the details of the activity by selecting 'Edit', here you have the option to fully exempt activities or reduce the off the job hours assigned to that particular activity. 

  • You can exempt an activity by entering a reason, selecting the declaration and then selecting 'Exempt this activity'. The activity will then be marked as exempt and won't be included in the applicant's learning plan. If you aren’t sure at this stage which activities you want to exempt (if any), you can always exempt at a later stage once the learner has been enrolled.
  • If you do not wish to fully exempt an activity but just want to reduce the off the job hours you also have the option to do this here when edit is selected. Meaning the duration and content of the apprenticeship programme can be reduced based on the applicant’s prior qualification history and experience. 

Against each individual activity, there is a summary showing the programme OTJH, and what they have been amended to if applicable.

Please note that once a learner has been enrolled, it is not possible to amend the planned off the job hours against an activity through this process.

Please note activities within a program that have been built using the activity library can be updated for inflight learners and applicants by your curriculum team (or any user with the programme contributor or manager permissions). For more information on how changes to edits to activities propagate throughout Bud click here.

Programme Activity Summary Table 

There is a summary table below the programme activities, showing the total OTJH for all programme activities and also the total amended OTJH after reductions or additions. The total reduced OTJH shows the total number of hours that have been reduced from the programme activity OTJH. This figure remains at 0 where no hours have been exempted, and also where hours have been added beyond the programme hours. The percentage by which programme hours have been reduced is also shown, again if no reduction has been made or where hours have been increased beyond the programme activity hours this will show as 0.  


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