Enrolment - Training Plan Build - Completing the Apprenticeship Agreement and Training Plan



This article will outline how to complete the apprenticeship agreement and training plan (previously commitment statement)

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How to: Completing the Apprenticeship Agreement

The Apprenticeship Agreement is between the learner and employer and details some information about the apprenticeship, including the start and end dates of the apprenticeship:


The apprenticeship agreement will need to be signed by both the employer and learner and as with the other documents, remote signatures can be added. 

How to: Completing the Training Plan 

​​​​​The Training Plan details all the core information about the programme. It lists out all the qualifications and activities the applicant will be completing and details when they will be completed and who will be delivering them. The obligations of the applicant, training provider & employer will be detailed, together with information about any complaints and dispute resolution process.

The Training Plan needs to be signed by the applicant, training provider, and employer. Once signed the learning plan will be generated and the applicant will become an apprentice. From this point, they will be able to begin learning. 

Editing Employer Contact

If you need to change the employer contact that is going to sign the Training Plan then this can be done by selecting 'Change' next to the employer contacts name. A list of all the employer contacts for the employer will be displayed for you to select the one you want. Please note changing the contact here will not impact any other documents or the application. 

Once signed you will be taken through the Apprenticeship Funding steps where the costs of the apprenticeship can be configured and agreed to by the employer. 


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