Enrolment - Additional Details - Adding a ULN at Enrolment


This article will guide you through how to add a learner's ULN as part of the application process. 

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How to: Add a ULN

This occurs in step 1 of the additional details process (adding Personal Details). You can add the ULN manually, or by using the LRS. For more information on this please see the article Using the Learning Records Service.

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If a Learner doesn’t know their ULN

If you invite an applicant to complete their application details themselves, they will be asked to add their ULN. Please note – this is not a mandatory field as the learner may not know what their ULN is or have access to it at this stage. If the ULN field is left blank, a conditional warning will alert you to this, but it will not stop you from progressing.

Missing ULN at enrolment

You can sign up a learner without a ULN, but if a ULN is not added at enrolment it will not appear on the learner’s learning plan or in their ILR. In order to add a ULN after sign-up, you will need to edit the learner’s application documents and enter the ULN here. You will be required to recollect the signatures, however following this workflow will then populate the ULN on the learner’s dashboard, and also pull through to the ILR without having to manually override any fields.

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