Enrolment - Training Plan Build - Amend Working Hours


This article will guide you through how to amend a learner's working hours if they change post-enrolment.  Where applicable, you can also edit the duration of the end point assessment as well. 

User roles

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager
  • Compliance Administrator

How to: Amend Working Hours 

  • Go to the learner's application documents
  • Click 'Edit' and state the reason for editing the application (amending working hours)
  • Click through to Step 2 of the process where you configure the learner's start date and working hours
  • Amend the working hours along with the date the hours changed 

When changing working hours the new programme duration will be automatically calculated taking into account the duration completed on the learner's original hours. The practical period will be calculated using the number of days completed and the new working hours.

Note - there will be validation in place to ensure the duration is a minimum of 12 months (except for migrated or transfer learners).

You will then need to progress through the rest of the application process in order to collect signatures for the newly generated documents. To reflect what has been updated, a change of circumstance banner will be displayed on the Apprenticeship Agreement and Training Plan (previously Commitment Statement).  

Once the application documents have been re-signed, the new programme duration will be reflected in the 'expected end dates' for the learner and will be updated in the learner progress record and learning plan.

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