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This article will guide you through how to set up BKSB initial assessments where required at enrolment. To be able to do this you will need to have BKSB integration enabled within your tenancy. 


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How to: Set up BKSB at Enrolment 

If a programme has BKSB initial assessments (IA) included, every learner signed onto it will be required to complete the assessments as part of their enrolment.

When does the learner get invited to complete their IA?

Once the programme has been selected in the eligibility section an invite will be sent to the learner to complete their BKSB assessments.

How do I know if my learner has completed their IA?

When adding the learner’s additional details into Bud, you will see a tab titled ‘Functional skills initial assessments’:


If this tab doesn’t have a green tick in it like the other tabs in the image above, the learner has not yet completed their assessments. As soon as they do, the results will pull back into Bud and the section will show as complete:


Please note you cannot move to the next stage of sign-up until this section has been completed.

Do I need to set up every learner with a BKSB account?

No. If you follow the process in Bud, when the learner completes their IAs, Bud will create an account for them meaning you do not have to create a separate one in BKSB. Try to avoid setting up an account in both BKSB and Bud, as this can sometimes cause duplication issues meaning results don’t pull through as expected.

What if a learner already has an account with BKSB?

As long as the same email address is used when they enrol with Bud, the learner’s results should pull through automatically to their account. For merge issues with BKSB accounts, operation Managers and administrators can refresh the account to resolve the issue using the 'REFRESH BKSB RESULTS' button.


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