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This article will guide you through how to upload files and submit your work onto the Bud platform. 

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How to: Submit Work  

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud. Written instructions are also provided beneath the video. 

  • Navigate to the activity in your learning plan you want to submit work against
  • Click view to take you to the messages and submissions tab for the activity 
  • Once in the submissions & messages tab click the 'make a submission' tab (If want to check you have completed everything prior to your submission select the activity details tab)
  • Upload your work. You will also need to add a comment for your trainer and add any additional off the job hours if required then click the submit button

Please note when uploading work: 

  • The file size may not exceed 500 MB. 
  • If the file size exceeds 500MB, please split it into smaller files that do not exceed 500MB. The file size is applicable to individual files, not the activity itself. 
  • Whilst you can only make one submission at a time, you can attach multiple files to one submission.
  • If you need to make another submission, please let your trainer know by sending them a message. They can then mark your first submission as partially complete, allowing you to make a subsequent submission.
  • File names cannot contain special characters (&, £, " etc)
  • The following file formats are supported: 
    • Adobe PDF (.pdf) 
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx/) 
    • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx/.rtf/.otd) 
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls/ .xlsx/ .csv/) 
    • Most .txt files 
    • Most image files (.jpg .png) 
    • Most audio files (.m4a, .mp3, .wma, .avi, .mov, .mp4, .wav) 
    • E-mail files (.msg, .eml, .emlx) 
    • Code files (.ipynb, .r, .rmd, .html, .py, .json) 
    • SCORM Packs (SCORM 2004) 
    • Pbit and pbix format.

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