Accessing Your Learning


You can access your learning and activities via your learning plan. 

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  • Learner 

How to: Accessing Your Learning 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud. Written instructions are also provided beneath the video. 

1. Navigate to your learning plan. To do this select the ‘continue learning’ button on your dashboard login page

2. Once in your learning plan scroll down the page to see a list of your activities: 

  • The first button is a link to your last submission, this may have been by you or your trainer. Select "view activity" to view the activity details and submission.
  • In the 'filter by' dropdown you are able to filter the activities to show those that have been set, are in progress, submitted, have confirmation pending, are overdue, unset, complete, exempt or by all activities. Click view to see the activity details. 

What do different activity statuses mean?

  1. In Progress - an activity that has been set by your trainer and you are required complete by the due date
  2. Submitted status = you have submitted work to your trainer, and it is awaiting marking.
  3. Activity Overdue = the activity is past the date it should have been completed.
  4. Confirmation Pending = your trainer has marked some submitted work and you now need to confirm the work was your own.
  5. Unset - activities that are within your programme but have yet to be set by your trainer 
  6. Complete - activities that you have completed. Activities will change to a status of complete when you have completed the confirmation pending action. 
  7. Exempt - activities that are part of your programme but you are not required to complete 

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