Bud Access for EQA Visit


During an EQA Visit, the EQA will need to have access to Bud to allow them to view a sub-set of your learners to audit/review certain aspects of your IQA process.

User Roles

  • User Administrator

How to: Provide Access to Bud: 

Suggested Steps

To allow an EQA to have access to your learners, Bud suggests that you:

  • Create a user account for the auditor, with a known email address and password.
  • You should ensure you have access to the email account.
  • Contact Bud support at support@bud.co.uk who will apply bespoke settings. Please allow 3 working days for this process. Support will confirm as soon as complete.

To ensure the EQA can only see the learners they wish to see:

  • Move the learners from their current trainer(s) to the ‘known account’ (Please note, the original trainer won’t have access to the re-assigned learners whilst they have been moved to the EQA user)
  • Once the audit has taken place – re-assign the learners back to their original trainer.
  • Disable the EQA user account.

For more information on how an EQA can best use Bud please click here. 

Bud Recommends

  • If the EQA has requested to see a learner who is on a break, withdrawn or completed, Bud recommends using a screen share session to enable the EQA to view that learner's data.
  • Name the user account something that is generic, whilst being obvious it is for the purpose of an EQA Visit.
  • Disable the account after the visit and request the account is re-enabled ahead of your next visit, remembering to allow 3 working days.

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