How to Create a Blank Training Plan


There may be a time when you’re requested to provide a blank training plan (previously commitment statement). As the training plan continually changes Bud is unable to supply blank copies, however, you can create one within your tenancy to share by using the below steps.

User Roles

  • Trainer 
  • Compliance Administrator 
  • General Administrator 

How to: Create a Blank Training Plan 

  • Log into your test tenancy 
  • Create a fictitious applicant 
  • Complete the fields with the data you want the training plan to display 
  • Complete the enrolment 
  • Print the training plan 
  • Share as required.  

By using this process, you can ensure the training plan you complete is always the current version.  

Bud Recommends 

  • To create an online PDF version you can use the chrome plugin GoFullPage. This will capture the training plan and save it as a PDF.  




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