Understanding User Roles


Within Bud, we have created a number of different roles which should cater to all the different users that a training provider has. Users can be given one, or many, of these roles via the admin section of Bud. 

How to: Understanding User Roles 

A brief description of the responsibilities and capabilities of each is identified below, however, this is not an exhaustive list. Click on each of the user roles/additional permissions to find out more: 

User Role:




  • Managing the application process, programme delivery, marking work and being the main learner contact.
  • Create and sign up applications, including the funding steps 
  • Query & register a learner on the LRS
  • Set & Exempt activities for learners
  • Mark submissions
  • Respond to messages
  • Record Learning Support
  • Assign individual activities to an additional trainer
  • Complete Reviews
  • Complete Learning Outcomes
  • Request Breaks or Withdrawals for a learner
  • View employers & upload documents (such as health & safety certificates) 
  • Create employer contacts 
  • Record notes on a learner or applicant 

Operations Manager

  • Managing their trainer's caseload
  • Reassign applicants and learners between trainers
  • Archive Applications 
  • Activate Learners
  • Approve breaks and withdrawals
  • Change due dates on activities 
  • Delete submissions
  • Run learner reports
  • Create & edit both employers and employer contacts 

Internal QA

  • Assessing the training quality
  • Provide feedback on individual learning outcomes once they have been completed by the learner. 
  • Complete an aim once all associate learning outcomes have been completed 


  • Showcasing Bud and getting new applicants into the system
  • Create applications
  • Create and edit employers
  • Create employer contacts 

General Administrator

  • Administering learning accounts 
  • Process breaks and withdrawals
  • Edit personal information about the learner
  • Record funding payments  
  • View Employers, Applications & Learners
  • Record notes on a learner or applicant 
  • Activate Learners 

Compliance Administrator

  • Checking funding & application requirements are met
  • Completing the compliance checks on an application 
  • Complete compliance checks on Additional Learning Support
  • Determine whether funding should be claimed for Additional Learning Support
  • View and edit funding on an application
  • View employers

ILR Administrator

  • ILR reporting
  • Generate and edit an ILR

Employer Administrator

  • Administering employer accounts
  • Can create & edit employers & employer contacts
  • Upload relevant documents

Programme Contributor

  • Creating and editing training programmes
  • Create a programme
  • Add activities
  • Map to criteria

Programme Manager

  • Creating, editing, reviewing and publishing training programmes
  • Publish, edit & delete programmes


  • Visibility of the reports centre 


    • View ILR Reconciliation Reports
    • View Standard Reports
    • View Ops Dashboard

    Each report can be switched on or off individually to ensure users only view relevant reports.


    Additional Permissions

    Below the 'User Roles' list is an 'Additional Permissions' section. Here you can add additional permissions to existing user roles, and therefore you will be unable to activate this if an initial user role is not selected. 

    A brief description of the responsibilities and capabilities for additional permissions is outlined below: 

    Additional Permission  Responsibilities  Capabilities 

    Learner Activity Management 

    Support the activity management of learners

    Utilise the group learning functionality including:  

    • Creating groups
    • Undertaking group bulk actions - add, exempt, and set activities


    Please note when downgrading a user role you must also remove the Learner Activity Management permission. If not deactivated the user will still be able to view and action against those learners they previously managed in a group via Group Learning. The removal of Learner Activity Management will remove the access for that user to the Group Learning tab.

    Bespoke User Roles

    Bud has the ability to create bespoke user roles within the platform to meet specific business needs. The creation of bespoke user roles is assessed on a case-by-case basis, in the first instance please contact your account manager to discuss this further.

    Please note that there is an impact of having a bespoke role created for you. Bud is only able to maintain systemised user roles (roles which are already in the platform as standard). These roles have seeded permission claims, essentially this means that they are constantly updated as new functionality is released in Bud.

    A bespoke user role is not maintained under the seeded permission claims process. If you implement a bespoke user role please be aware that this could impact its functionality from time to time as new releases occur. It will be your responsibility to raise any issues associated with having a bespoke role with the Bud Support Desk.

    Bud Recommends

    Bud highly recommends using the default user roles in the platform.


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