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Bud’s Activity Library is a place where you can build and store activities to use when creating programmes. The library will save you time by enabling you to build an activity once, save it, and use it across multiple programmes. 

The biggest benefit to using an activity library to build programmes can be seen when a change needs to be made to an activity that has been used in a programme, and therefore in applications and learning plans. By making the necessary edits to the activity within the library and republishing the activity, the updates will propagate to all programmes, applications and learning plans where the activity resides.

User roles

  • Programme Manager
  • Programme Contributor

How to use: activity library propagation

  • The propagation of updates made to an activity is triggered by the republishing of an activity in the library.
  • The propagation of updates is an automatic process following the below business rules:

  • Programmes will automatically receive the updates made in the library.
  • New enrolments will automatically receive the updates made in the library.
  • Existing enrolments and their application documents will reflect updates made to activities, up to the point the first signature is placed on the Apprenticeship Agreement or Training Plan. Beyond this point, changes to an activities title or planned OTJH will not be reflected in the application documents. An update to the title and content of the activity may still be seen on the applicant's learning plan, following the business rules for 'Learners'.
  • If OTJH are customised for an applicant during enrolment, future updates to the OTJH of that activity in the library will no longer propagate for this learner. All other updates within that activity will continue to update.
  • If an edit is made to OTJH/exemptions after any signatures are placed on the apprenticeship agreement, the signatures will be removed, updates will continue to propagate until the first signature is captured again on the apprenticeship agreement.
  • Learning plans will receive updates based on the status of the activity that has been updated as per the business rules shown.
  • Propagation of updates will continue to learners on a break following the above business rules.

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