ILR - Force a learner record into an ILR export


Every new academic year, the ESFA publish a set of migration specifications which details the rules for selecting records for migration into the new academic year:

  • The high-level ESFA migration specification for 23/24 can be viewed here
  • The detailed ESFA migration specification (Excel format) for 23/24 can be downloaded here

How to: Force a learner record into an ILR export

Bud automatically configure and apply these migration rules during the transition to the new academic year and in the vast majority of situations there is no requirement for providers to manually intervene or change this process. There are however a very small number of reasons why the standard migration rules may need to be overruled for a learner to be reported in the academic year that they would not typically be included in, such as:

  • A learner who was on a break in learning (BIL) in the last academic year but didn't return to learning may need "forcing" into the current academic year so that the "withdrawal" values can be reported to the ESFA to avoid a continuation error. 
  • The ESFA may request a learner who completed in the previous academic year is reported in the current academic year in order to process an EPA certificate and/or completion payment.

If you feel that you have a learner record that needs to be included in a specific academic year that they are not currently included in, then please contact the Bud Support Desk with the following information completed in full: 

  • Subject: Force into ILR export request
  • Learner name:
  • Learner reference number:
  • Academic year currently included in: (e.g. 23/24)
  • Academic year inclusion required: (e.g. 22/23)
  • Reason for request: (e.g. ESFA mandated inclusion into 22/23)

Please note all requests will be processed on a learner-by-learner basis and timescales for completion of the process may vary depending on current support priority levels.


  • It is only possible to "force" a learner into either the "Current" or "Previous" academic year, i.e. 22/23 or 23/24.
  • If the learner is already included in both reportable years then the request will be closed without further action. 
  • If a learner is added to the 23/24 ILR, then they will continue to be reported in that year's ILR every month until the end of the academic year.
  • All forced inclusions will be re-set at the start of the following academic year. If you require a learner to be included in further academic years, the request will need to be re-submitted
  • Due to timescales involved in processing these requests, we would advise that support tickets are submitted as early as possible before the closure of submission windows. We are unable to guarantee that a request can be processed at short notice. 

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