Funding Management - How to Record Employer Contributions in Bud


This article outlines how to record employer contributions in Bud. 

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How to: How to Record Employer Contributions in Bud

It is possible to view the funding outcome for an individual learner and track both employer and additional payments, if applicable.

From within a Learner select Administration > Funding. The video below shows where to access the relevant area in Bud. 

In the video above every section has been expanded so you can see the Programme Costs, together with the Employer Costs. As the employer has to contribute the payment schedule that was agreed with the employer is displayed. If apprenticeship will receive additional payments these are displayed at the bottom of the page. 

Payment History

This section is only displayed where the employer has to contribute to the cost of the apprenticeship. The section will show a breakdown of payments and values that were agreed with the employer at sign-up. The first column shows the anticipated payment date of each payment, together with its value. 

If you select to edit a row you can add in the date the invoice was sent to the employer, the date the payment was actually made, and the value of the payment. 

Once you complete a payment by entering the 'Paid' date this information will be reported in the ILR, in the 'PMR' (payments made record) field. 


What is the process if you want to change the payment's the employer is due to make?

You can update the value and add new payments by selecting 'Add Row'.

What is the process if an employer needs to make an additional payment? 

Additional payment(s) can be made using the 'Add Row' button, and as above, once completed will be reported in the ILR as a PMR. 

What is the process if the employer is no longer a Levy payer?

In this instance you will need to go through the application edit flow and change the funding type, when doing this you will have the option to schedule payments and choose how payments will be made i.e monthly, in full etc. 

Once completed the scheduled payments will be reflected on the funding page, these can be edited here if required. The payments will also show in the outstanding payments report. This should help with any reconciliation if required.

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