ILR Audit - Unique Identifiers

In some scenarios it is possible for the same type of value to exist for multiple items at once, we refer to these as "Collections".

An example of this in the ILR would be learning aims, where it is possible for a programme to have multiple learning aims, each with their own Learning start dates, end dates and completion statuses.

In order to identify which collection has been modified some ILR Audit "tiles" will contain a Unique Identifier value to help you match this audit to the ILR record. You can use these unique identifiers to help match the ILR Audit tile to the entity changed in the ILR.

These unique identifiers will change depending on the collection they refer to, further details are provided below:

Collection Type Unique Identifier used Notes
Learning Delivery (Aims)  Software Supplier AIM Identifier This value is unique to each learning aim and appears in all ESFA aim reports. This value is not affected by BILs or withdrawals/completions

Unique Identifier value


Each Employment record will now display a "unique identifier" value below the employer name. This value is taken directly from Bud's databases and does not appear in ESFA reports. 
  • Break in Learning
  • Return from Break in Learning
  • Withdrawals

Last activity date

The last activity date will be used as the identifier for these elements. It may be possible to have more than one element with the same last activity date but these should not be of the same type. For example There should not be two Breaks with the same last activity date.
LLDD and Health Problem

LLDD and Health Problem category code.

The LLDD category code will be used. In line with funding rule validation there should not be more than one LLDDCat with the same code
Funding and Monitoring and Financial Details

Type and code appended to Software Supplier AIM Identifier value

For funding and Monitoring and Financial Details we have appended the type and code to the SSAID value. For example: 

This is the software supplier aim ID to identify which aim this relates to

This identifies that it is the type "LSF - Learning Support funding"

with the code "1" that has been modified

More elements will be added to the above table as additional ILR Audit functionality is released. 

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