2024-25 ILR Specification

As part of our commitment to ensuring the Bud platform is ready for the new funding year in good time, we have started to introduce changes announced in V1 and V2 of the ILR specification document for the 24/25 academic year: https://guidance.submit-learner-data.service.gov.uk/24-25/ilr/overview

Many of the changes we will be making over the next few releases will not be valid until after 01/08/24. Where this is the case, this will be marked with a “Valid from 01/08/24” label. A similar label of “Valid to 31/07/24” will be used in the case of deprecated fields.


Release 4.72.0 - 12th April 2024

LLDD and Learning Support:

A new option has been added to the "Primary LLDD and Health Problem" category list:

  • 18 - Down Syndrome (Valid from 01/08/24)

Employment Status and Monitoring:

A new code has been added to the employment status and monitoring type "OET - Other Employer"

  • 4 - OET 4 Employment outcome gained on eligible funded programme
    • NB: this code is valid from 01/08/24



Release 4.73.0 - 14th May 2024

Learning delivery

  • We have added support for the new funding models
    • 11 - Tailored Learning (non-formula-funded provision) (Valid from 01/08/24)
    • 38 - Adult Skills Fund (formula-funded provision) (Valid from 01/08/24)
  • Changed the description of programme type 30 to "30 = T Level Foundation Year"
  • Added “Valid to 31/07/24) to the deprecated “Employment Outcome” options
  • We have ensured that new applicants placed on AEB/ASF programmes will have the appropriate funding model applied (35/38 respectively) based on their start date.
  • Added the “Tailored Learning Outcome (Valid from 01/08/24)” field to the Learning Delivery entity with the appropriate codes. This field will be manual update only.

Learning Delivery HE

  • We have changed the description of the HE Special Fee Indicator to “2= Language year abroad and not full-year outgoing ERASMUS+/Turing Scheme"

Learning Delivery Funding and Monitoring

  • We have added a new Source Of Funding (SOF) value “120 - North East Mayoral Combined Authority (Valid from 01/08/24)” to both the enrolment funding options AND the ILR page
  • Changed the description of the ACL (LearnDelFamType) to Tailored Learning purpose"


  • We have ensured the learner Destination and Progression entity will not export in 24/25 ILR XML files


These updates complete the changes announced in the V1 and V2 ILR specification to date

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