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The introduction of Types of Reviews in March 2024 provides a far more flexible approach to the delivery of Reviews in Bud. This enables specific types to be utilised in specific scenarios, asking questions directly aimed at supporting the Learner, Employer and Trainer through different stages of the apprenticeship journey.

The questions in the ‘Progress Review’ type can be customised by Providers through TPQs. The questions in the other, new Review types are predetermined. The questions have been defined in partnership with Buds Customer Advisory board to ensure they meet Provider needs.


The Types

The types available for your use are:

  • Progress Review - the formal 12 weekly review of Learners Progress.
  • Gateway Review - the meeting before a Learner enters into EPA, to validate they are ready and have met all of the minimum requirements. 
  • Teaching and Learning – to provide specific sessions for trainers to teach Learners.
  • Start Review – supporting the start of learning process.
  • Check-in – an informal type used for ad-hoc check-ins as and when required.
  • Learner Support Review – specifically for providing or planning Learners Support.
  • Exit Review – to be used when a Learner leaves programme. 



How to: Create a specific type of Review

The creation of a specific type of Review follows the standard process to create a Review. 

  1. On the Learner Review page, click 'Schedule a Review' 
  2. In the 'Review Type' field select the type you want to deliver.  
  3. Complete the rest of the form. 
  4. Press schedule. 

You will see the Review in the scheduled list, with the Review Type set as the one selected.  


Creating a Gateway Review.gif



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