Learning Delivery - Scheduling & Cancelling a Review


Before a review can take place it needs to be scheduled. When scheduling a review you will detail the date, time, location and participants of the review.  Please note ESFA funding rules state that Reviews must be carried out every 12 weeks as a minimum. 

User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager

How to: Schedule a Review

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to schedule a review: 

  • Navigate to the learner you wish to schedule a review for
  • Select Reviews from the learning menu drop down
  • Select the 'Schedule a Review' blue button  
  • Complete the required information in the pop up

The Employer will default to the one linked to the learner, selecting 'edit' will enable you to either:

  • Change the employer contact.  This will display a list of all contacts for that employer. 
  • OR remove the employer.  Select 'Remove employer' towards the bottom of the edit section.

 The Employer can be updated right up until the Review is Cancelled or Complete.  

You have the option of sending an e-mail to the learner to notify them of the review. This defaults to 'yes' but if you don't want to send the e-mail then set it to 'no'. 

  • Select 'Schedule' 

Rescheduling a Review

The scheduled review will now appear under the scheduled Reviews list. Selecting 'Reschedule' on that Review will allow you to change the location, participants and time of the Review. 


How to: Cancel a Review

Once scheduled, a Review can be cancelled up until it is in-progress. 

  • On the list of Scheduled Reviews, click the 'Cancel' button alongside the Review to cancel. 

  • In the window that pops up, enter he reason for cancellation and enter some commentary if appropriate. 
  • Press 'Save & Close' 
  • Once cancelled, the Review will be shown in the History with a 'Cancelled' status. 




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