Skill Scan Enhancements Webinar

In this session, we guided you through the many improvements introduced to the Skill Scan section of Bud.

If you missed our webinar, you can watch it below:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is the Skill Scan mandatory for applicants to complete during self-enrolment?

The Skill Scan is mandatory to submit self-enrolment. If an applicant tries to submit the self-enrolment without completing the Skill Scan, then a warning validation will stop them.

However, if the applicant completes the previous 7 steps and closes the page without completing the Skill Scan then there's very little we can do to stop that.

Q - If the applicant does not click “save progress” on the page, will anything be saved?

The "save progress" button must be clicked in order to save any updates. We will monitor feedback and if we find applicants are missing it then we can consider alternatives.

Q - If the applicant doesn't complete the skill scan upon self-enrolment but they have completed everything else, will they show as invited or to schedule?

The status will be “Applicant to schedule”.

Q - Will there be any advice to the applicant when scoring the learning outcomes?

There is an information banner provided on the Skill Scan page in self-enrolment, this includes some guidance around selecting scores. There is also a link to a separate article on that information banner. The article provides more guidance.

We hope this will be sufficient, but we'll monitor feedback and if it appears that applicants are consistently scoring incorrectly then we can consider updating the information.

Q - Where do the learning outcomes in the Skill Scan come from?

They are from the KSB criteria of the Apprenticeship Standard as defined by IFATE.

Q - Can we customise or merge the learning outcomes in the Skill Scan?

No, these are generic and set according to the KSB criteria as defined by IFATE.

Q - Can the employer contact for the applicant complete the Skill Scan?

No, this is currently only available for the training provider and the applicant.

We understand that employers should be involved in the validating the Skill Scan outcomes and we recommend that this is done in a meeting with the training provider and applicant. We didn’t want to potentially block applications from progressing while waiting for employers to complete the Skill Scan.

Q - When can comments be added to the learning outcomes?

They can be added by the training provider at any time, regardless of whether the applicant is completing the Skill Scan in self-enrolment.

Q - Who can see the comments on the Skill Scan?

The results and comments are primarily seen by the training provider. However, it is recommended that this is discussed & agreed with both the applicants & employer during the initial assessment discussion.

Comments can be added during the enrolment and review Skill Scans.

Q - Can the Skill Scan scores be used in the RPL calculation?

We don’t currently have any plans to update the RPL calculator based on the Skill Scan.

Q - Can we download the Skill Scan offline?

You cannot download the Skill Scan offline and we don’t currently have any plans to implement this.

Q - What happens if they do not complete the skills scan will this stop them from progressing onto the enrolment?

If the applicant does not complete the Skill Scan during self-enrolment, this will not prevent the training provider from progressing the application by completing the Skill Scan for the applicant.



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