ILR - How to Include/Exclude a Learner from the ILR


A learner can be included or excluded from the ILR export by simply toggling on or off 'Include Learner in ILR'. 

User Roles

  • ILR Administrators 

How to: Include/Exclude a Learner from the ILR

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud. Written instructions are also provided beneath the video. 

  • Search for the learner and navigate to their individual learner dashboard
  • Once within their dashboard click on the Administration tab and select ILR from the dropdown menu.
  • You can include/exclude the learner from the ILR by clicking the toggle switch at the top right of the page. Please note Bud's default position is to leave learners as excluded from the ILR once enrolled i.e. toggled off. 

Bud Recommends

  • Having a process to include learners in the ILR. We suggest this is done after compliance checking the application paperwork. 

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