End Point Assessment (EPA) Duration


If you are signing up a learner to an apprenticeship standard you have the ability to record the EPA duration.

User roles

  • Trainers

How to: Set End Point Assessment (EPA) Duration

On the second step of the enrollment process will be asked to enter the EPA duration: 



Once this information has been entered the system will calculate:

  • Estimated end of practical period - Date a learner is expected to complete their practical period, based on the number of hours the work and programme duration -  (Start Date + Programme Duration)
  • Estimated EPA Gateway date - Estimate of when a learner is going to go through EPA Gateway, generally set when the learner signs up for the apprenticeship -   (Start Date + Programme Duration)
  • Estimated apprenticeship end date - Estimate of when a learner is going to complete their apprenticeship, covering both the Practical and EPA Period -   (Start Date + Programme Duration + EPA Duration)

This information will be presented in the Apprenticeship Agreement and Training Plan (formerly commitment statement):


Please note Off the Job Hours will be calculated based on the practical period, which does not include the EPA duration.

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