EPA Overview


A learner will enter their End Point Assessment or EPA when they have successfully completed their Gateway meeting having completed their learning, the qualifications have been marked as complete by an IQA, and they have finished their standard apprenticeship.


Bud provides several things that helps our providers with the delivery of End-Point Assessment. 

  • Gateway-readiness checklist to support trainers in identifying outstanding things that need to be completed before the Learner can go into EPA - see this article for more information. 
  • Put a Learner into EPA - An EPA sign-off process that ensures all evidence and information has been obtained and submitted to put the Learner into EPA - see this article for more information.
  • EPA Assessments Log - A place to record information regarding their EPA Assessments - see this article for more information. 
  • EPA Outcomes automation - Processes and automation to update the Learner and their ILR when the outcome is logged in Bud - see this article for failed outcomes & this article for passed outcomes for more information.  

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