EPA Readiness - What is Required to Start EPA?


This article provides an overview of what is required to start EPA and how this can be done within Bud. 

User Roles

  • Trainer
  • IQA

How to: Starting EPA  

1. EPA ready checklist: 

To start the EPA process within Bud there are several key steps which need to be actioned.

  • The Standard will be marked as complete when:
    • all the learning outcomes for the standard are completed,
    • all of the activities are completed or exempt,
    • a skill scan score of 8, 9 or 10 has been achieved 
    • a final Progress Review is completed.
  • The qualification and the functional skills need to be confirmed as completed by both the trainer and the IQA
  • Please note that the trainer will need to make the IQA aware that the learner is ready to go through gateway checks.

The image below shows a completed learning outcome/standard and functional skills



2. Starting EPA - Compliance Checks 

Once the above criteria have been met the below will be displayed to confirm that a learner has completed their practical period and is now in End Point Assessment. 


 To summarise the gateway confirmation will only be enabled if:  

  • The Standard has been completed and
  • The last day in learning is entered and
  • You have the role of either IQA or General Administrator 
  • The learner is 'In Progress' 

If these conditions are not met then the banner will not be enabled. Note also that if a learner either entered EPA or completed their apprenticeship before 18th March 2021 the banner will not be displayed. 

When you select the banner, you will need to accept the declaration, before entering the date that the learner completed their Gateway and went into EPA. You can only enter a date that is on, or after, the last day in learning, and isn't in the future. 


If you select confirm the learner will be marked as being In End Point Assessment, and the banner will replay this information. Bud will automatically update the ILR, reporting the last day in learning as the Learning Actual End date, as per the funding guidelines. 


In order to complete EPA the learner must have been in EPA for a minimum duration of 7 days from the date the gateway was confirmed as completed.

Bud Recommends

  • The reg and cert team upload certificates and evidence of exemptions within the Reg and Cert section so that the evidence is present for gateway checks
  • The trainer notifies IQA when the learner is ready for gateway checks to enable the IQA to step through the Gateway checklist and Start EPA as appropriate 


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