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The End Point Assessment (EPA) page provides an overview of how the learner is progressing towards EPA, and can be found under the Administration option when viewing a learner.  

The page is split into a number of different sections which will help you understand how the learner is progressing towards the EPA Gateway. This article will outline the components of the 'Gateway-ready Checklist'. To find out how to use this checklist to confirm a learner is ready to start their EPA visit click here.  

User Role

  • IQA
  • General Admin
  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager

How to: Understand the 'Gateway-ready Checklist' 

The video below shows how to access the end point assessment area within Bud. Further details on this area are also provided underneath the video. 

1. Minimum Duration

This first section provides the ability to enter the last day of learning, and check whether the learner has completed the minimum Off-the-job (OTJ) hours:

  • In order to add or update the minimum duration, select 'Edit date' and enter a new date. Once the data recorded is more than 12 months after the start date of the apprenticeship then the status will update to complete. 
  • The minimum OTJ will automatically be marked as complete when the actual hours recorded for the learner are greater than the required hours. 

2. Programme Components

This section details all of the components that are within the programme

'The standard' will be marked as complete when all the learning outcomes for the standard are completed, a skill scan score of 8, 9 or 10 has been achieved, and a final Progress Review reflecting this has been completed. If you select 'view criteria' you'll be taken to the learner progress record where you can see a detailed breakdown of which criteria and learning outcomes have been completed. 

Each component that is present in the programme will be displayed here, including those that were exempted at enrolment. For each component, you are able to view and add any evidence, by selecting 'Add Evidence'. This displays the reg & cert information recorded for the component, which the ability to add any relevant evidence. 

Once any evidence has been uploaded an IQA will be able to review the evidence and confirm if it is acceptable for EPA. Once confirmed the evidence will be locked and the status of the component will be marked as complete. 

Note that at this stage, if exemption evidence has been added to the application this won't automatically be visible on this page. We suggest you either add the evidence to this section or add a note indicating that evidence is stored in the application. 

3. Last IQA Sample

This section will show the last completed IQA Sample, with the ability to view the sample. If no sample has been completed yet, you will be able to quickly access the IQA Sampling pages and schedule/complete a sample:

4. Additional Gateway Documents & Notes

At the bottom of the page, you have the ability to add any additional gateway documents and record any notes that may be relevant. This section can be used to record anything that is relevant to End Point Assessment. 

You will notice on the above recording there is also a compliance checks section, this is available for premium customers only. More on this feature can be found here. 


EPA Coordinator

Updated - January 2024

Buds 9th January 2024 release 4.66 updated this section to include the ability for a Learner to have an EPA Coordinator assigned. 

When selecting 'Add', you will be presented with a list of your users who have the roles 'Trainers' or 'Ops Managers'. You can select the dropdown and start typing to locate the user required. 

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