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As soon as a review has been scheduled you are able to view it and start the review. The purpose of this article is to guide you through the steps to completing the review. 

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How to: Complete a Review:

As soon as a review has been scheduled you are able to view it and start the review. To do this: 

  • Select the relevant learner
  • Navigate to the reviews dropdown in the learning tab
  • Select the review you wish to start
  • Press 'start review' 

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to start a review: 

When you start the review, Bud will collate the activity progress from the learning plan since the last review.  As such this data is correct at the time of starting the review, and this is a snapshot of progress at that time.  The review can then only be based on these activities, be sure that these activities are up to date as any outstanding work brought to the review cannot be updated in the learning plan to contribute towards this review. 

The review will require you to work through the following tabs: 


This tab shows you information about the learner progression since the last review:


The top section shows you details about the activities and is split into 3 tabs:

  • In Progress - Any activity that has a status of In Progress
  • Overdue - Any activity that is currently outstanding and has passed its due date
  • Complete - Any activity that has been completed between the last review and this one

For each activity, you'll find useful information such as the number of messages and submissions made by the learner. Note that this number excludes any messages or submissions made by the trainer. You'll also see the number of off-the-job hours that were advised for the activity. 

Beneath the activities tab, you'll see the progression metrics, showing how far through the apprenticeship the learner is, the number of off-the-job hours completed and the percentage of activities completed. 


This section is not a mandatory requirement for all reviews. When clicking on this tab you will be asked whether or not you would like to complete a skill scan as part of the review: 

skillsscan review.PNG

If yes is selected section provides the ability for a learner to rate themselves against the learning outcomes required for a Standard programme. In each review, you can see which activities the learner has completed, how they previously rated themselves, and ask them how they currently rate themselves. This will enable you to demonstrate new learning and skills gained over the course of the apprenticeship. 

If you access the SkillScan tab you'll see all the learning outcomes for the knowledge, skills and behaviours. Under each learning outcome, you'll see all the criteria, activities and their status. 

To provide a rating, simply click the appropriate number and it'll be shaded in green. You will need to save any ratings before leaving the page. Bud will store the previous score so that over time you will be able to demonstrate progression.

If you would like to make the skills scan a mandatory part of your reviews throughout your tenancy please speak with your Customer Success Manager who can enable this for you through a feature switch. 

Please note to start EPA a skill scan score of 8 or more must have been recorded at some point during the programme.   


The comments section provides an area for feedback to be captured. It is split into sections for each participant to provide feedback, together with a 'welfare' section

Each section requires a comment from the relevant individual.  Please note, that if the employer has been excluded from the review, the employer comments section will not be displayed.


The actions tab allows you to record specific actions related to a review. When you access the tab you'll see all outstanding actions together with the ability to complete the existing action (if applicable) or add new actions.

  • To add a new action simply select 'Add an Action'
  • Complete the pop up box.

The action will remain outstanding, and appear on every subsequent review until it's completed. In order to complete an action simply click the 'Complete' button. Please note that a review has to be In Progress to be able to complete an action. 


Under the evidence tab, you can upload any supporting evidence that you may have that you want to associate with the review.  You can upload files in the same way as the other file upload areas in Bud.

Completing a Review:

Once you've captured all the information you require, you need to confirm the contents of the review. 

  • Click on the 'Confirmation' tab and you'll see a button to complete the review.
  • Once you've selected this and accepted the declaration you'll see signature boxes for each participant to confirm their agreement to the review contents.
  • Once every participant has agreed the review will be completed. 

Please note:

  • Reviews cannot be cancelled once started, for example, if the learner is a 'no show'. It is therefore advisable to not start the review until the learner arrives. In the circumstance that the review is started but is not able to be completed, it is advised to complete the review with 'dummy' signatures and add a note to the learner record that this has happened. 
  • Once reviews have been sent for signatures they cannot be edited. 
  • Both the learner and employer can be invited to log in and sign their review. This process works in the same way as signing their application documents. They'll receive an e-mail with a link to Bud, and once they've logged in they'll see their unsigned progress review. They can check the review and then digitally sign it. The review will remain ‘in progress’ until all signatures have been received.

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