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Whilst Bud has traditionally been focused on delivering apprenticeships, it is possible to create a programme for any vocational or professional course. The purpose of this article is to provide you with an overview of other skills and training (OST) that can be delivered through the Bud platform

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How to: Other Skills & Training (OST)

In addition to apprenticeships standards and frameworks, the following programme types are also available:  

  • Scottish Apprenticeships
  • AEB
  • Advanced Learner Loans
  • Traineeships
  • Commercial Programme
  • Skills Bootcamp (please speak with your Customer Success Manager regards enabling this feature)
  • Other funding model 

When selecting the programme type only the options relevant to your training provider will be displayed. Should you wish to activate any additional options please speak to your Account Manager. 

Building a Programme

A Programme can consist of any combination of qualifications, functional skills and activities. You can build a detailed year-long programme consisting of multiple qualifications & functional skills, or a short functional skills course of a couple of weeks. 

In order to build your programme, access programme design, select 'New Programme' and choose the funding model for your programme. You'll then be immediately taken to the 'Programme Settings' screen where you can start filling in the details of the programme. 

Please note; that your programme needs to have at least one qualification or functional skill to be able to publish it. However, if you are not delivering a recognised qualification please contact Support and we can assist in adding details to Bud. 

Adding Qualifications

In order to add a qualification to your programme, select the 'Qualifications' tab, then 'New Qualification'. This will display the qualification search tool which will allow you to search the LARS database for any qualifications. You can select as many qualifications as required and then add them to your programme. 

Please Note that if your qualification is a non-regulated qualification (i.e. it is not in LARS), or your qualification does not have any criteria, please contact Support and we will assist in creating the qualification. 

Adding Functional Skills

Adding a functional skill is exactly the same process as adding a qualification. Access the 'Functional Skills' tab, then select 'New Qualification'. You will then be able to search and select any functional skills qualification. 

Adding Activities

Once you have selected your qualifications or functional skills you can then start building your activities. This is the same process as building an activity for an apprenticeship, details of which can be found in this knowledge base article

Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis tab enables you to see any criteria that don't have an activity linked to them. This is especially useful in helping to identify where you don't have the programme content to deliver the activity. More details can be found in this knowledge base article

Programme Publication

Once your programme is built you can publish it as you would do an apprenticeship programme (more details here). Once published you can then enrol a learner, and start delivering the programme. 




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