Programme Configuration Step 1 - Settings


This article will guide you through the settings required to enable other skills and training (OST) programmes to be created. To get started you must have the following feature switched on:

  • Other Vocational Training (each funding stream)

Please speak to your account manager to discuss enabling this

User Roles  

  • Programme Contributor 
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Configure Programme Settings  

The first step is to create your programme. The example below is how to create a programme using the 'other' programme type. However, please note there are a number of programme types available in Bud. If desired funding model is not available within your tenancy, please speak with your Account Manager.


Once you have created your draft programme you will need to complete the settings tab. Here you are required to:                                  

  • Give your programme a name.
  • Select the relevant sector.
  • Identify suggested lengths of stay. These have no impact on a Non-Apprenticeship programme but can be used as a guide. 
  • Input programme expiry dates (these are optional). 
  • Select target evidence levels. This will impact how many times an assessment criteria is required to be evidenced.  You need to select a minimum and a maximum range.
  • Input the programme list price (the total maximum funding available per learner value can be ignored for any OST programme
  • Click save and move on to the next section qualifications  

Bootcamp Specific Settings

To support ILR automation Bootcamp programmes are to be created with both the “Contract reference number” and “Bootcamp category code” 

  • Contract reference number (ConRefNumber): 

As defined in the ILR specification this field is to be populated for all Bootcamp funded aims. The contract reference number is specific to the Bootcamp programme being delivered and is sent to providers by the ESFA. When a learner is placed on a Bootcamp programme this contract reference number will be pre-populated in the learner’s ILR 

  • Bootcamp category code: 

As defined in the Skills Bootcamp funding and management guidelines there is a specified list of “Z00” codes, one of which must be returned in the ILR for all Bootcamp provision.





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