Programme Configuration Step 2 - Qualifications


This article will guide you through how to configure qualifications when creating OST programmes. Remember to use this functionality you must have the following feature switched on: 

  • Other Vocational Training (each funding stream)

Please speak to your account manager to discuss enabling this if required. 

User Roles  

This feature can be used by the following user roles: 

  • Programme Contributor 
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Configure Qualifications  

Once you have created your programme you are now ready to add your qualification via the qualifications tab: 

  • Search for your desired qualification by title or QAN number
    • Please note Bud pulls in the full LARS database of qualifications. If you cannot find your desired qualification, please contact your account manager
  • To configure your selected qualification, select 'Edit' 
  • Review “Duration and Dates” and configure as required.
  • Review Mandatory Units and if there are Optional Units you can select which ones you wish to add to your Qualification. 
  • Select 'Save' 

If you wish to delete a qualification you have added in error, then select the dropdown next to the 'edit' button and click 'delete': 



Please note: 

  • After publication of a programme, you will not be able to amend these configurations.
  • Please read our article on optional units to understand the importance of selecting units and the associated impacts.
  • If you have added a qualification into a programme, and need to, or have exempted ALL of the units at enrolment Bud will automatically remove this qualification from the Learner Progress Record, but you will need to manually remove the AIM from the learner's ILR. 

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