Getting Started - Programme Contributor vs Programme Manager


This article will guide you through the responsibilities of the two programme user roles and their subsequence differences. 

User Roles:

  • Programme Contributor
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Programme Roles Explained

When creating a programme in Bud it is important to note the differences between the two user roles. 

Programme Contributor is able to:

  • Create a programme
  • Add activities, descriptions, and content
  • Map to criteria
  • Request approval for a programme to be published. Once a programme has been built in draft the following will be displayed at the bottom of the summary page in the programme build area: 



Programme Manager is able to:

  • Create a Programme
  • Add Activities / Descriptions / Content
  • Map to Criteria
  • Publish / Withdraw Approval / Edit / Clone and Delete Programmes
  • Update published programmes. 

To summarise how these two roles interact to ensure a programme is correctly configured prior to making it live, a programme contributor will need to request approval from a programme manager. Once the programme manager has reviewed the programme it can be published, providing no amendments are required. Once a programme is published it is available for selection during applicant enrolment.




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