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It is possible to schedule a review in Bud, with or without the need for a line manager's comment or signature. This can be changed throughout the lifecycle of Reviews, up until the Review is completed or cancelled.

User Roles

  • Trainer
  • Operations Manager

How to: Schedule a Review with or without a Line Manager:

  • Navigate to the learner you wish to schedule a review for
  • Select reviews from the learning drop down menu 
  • Select the 'Schedule a Review' blue button  
  • Complete the required schedule information in the pop up.
  • The Employer will default to the one linked to the learner, however, you can remove the employer by selecting 'Edit' and 'Remove employer'.

The video below shows how to access the relevant area within Bud to remove the employer from the review:


How to: Changing the Employer

For Scheduled Reviews

It is possible to change the Employer Contact on scheduled Reviews. You can add, change or remove the Employer. 

  • Locate the Learner.
  • Go to 'Reviews' in the navigation.
  • Select 'Reschedule' on the Review. 
  • Select 'Edit' to update the Employer Contact for this Review.
  • Ensure you press 'Schedule' once you've made your changes so that they are saved.   

This video shows how to do this:


For 'In Progress Reviews' 

Since our January 2024 release, you will be able to change the Employer for an In-Progress Review. 

  • Locate the Learner.
  • Go to 'Reviews' in the navigation.
  • Click 'Edit Participants' on the in progress Review.
  • In the modal, you will be able to add, change or remove the Employer.



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