Funding Management - How to Record Additional Payments in Bud


The additional payments section will be displayed where the apprenticeship is eligible to receive additional payments, for example, young persons allowance or care bursary. 

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How to: Use the Additional Payments in Bud

Young Persons Allowance: 

This is for apprenticeships for persons aged 16 to 18. Both the employer and training provider will receive an additional £1,000 from the ESFA. Bud will calculate this and replay the information on the funding statement. When it is calculated it will be shown in the additional payments section.

For each additional payment, you are able to record if you have received this money from the ESFA and if you have passed it on to the employer. 

Care Bursary

Bud will calculate this if it is highlighted that the learner has any health care plan and is entitled to additional funding. Where applicable Bud will auto-populate the correct codes in the ILR to generate any relevant payments.

Please note, that these payments are not created in the additional payment section as it is not required to be reconciled in the ILR. 

Bud recommends any Care Bursary payment made to a learner and/or employer is recorded. A copy of such payment record can be uploaded to 'Additional Evidence' in Bud in the Learner Overview section. 

The additional payments section can be found by selecting the funding option in the administration drop-down menu within an individual learner record, as shown in the video below: 


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