Programme Configuration Step 6 - Mapping to Assessment Criteria


This article will guide you through how to map the relevant criteria to each activity within a programme. When the programme was originally created, you would have selected the relevant qualification creating a list of all assessment outcomes or criteria for your programme. Signposting activities to the relevant criteria will help your trainers in terms of assuring them that they have met the relevant teaching aspects of the programme.

User Roles  

  • Programme Contributor 
  • Programme Manager 

How to: Map Assessment Criteria to Activities 

This is done after clicking 'save and next' when creating the activity. It is also possible to edit the activity and amend criteria as shown in the video below: 


What if there are no assessment criteria in my qualification?

  • If you go to map your activity to a qualification and notice there are no criteria this is because the qualification criteria have not been created in the data entry tool.
  • You must request this qualification, via Bud's standard request process. Please do not publish the programme before the qualifications you require are available 
  • If you do proceed and publish the programme, there will be no criteria for your trainers to map against. Once a programme is published a qualification can not be added, it must be done when the programme is still in a draft status. 

Bud Recommends: 

It’s sometimes tempting to tick all the criteria for an activity such as an observation as you’re unsure of what your trainer will see. We would strongly recommend against this. It is a far better approach to tick nothing and allow your trainers to individually pick the relevant criteria when they complete the activity. They are more likely to spend longer unticking criteria if you tick everything.

Ticking all the criteria when you’re unsure will also mean that you can’t get a true reflection of learner progress. The criteria won’t show as complete until all the activities it is mapped against are complete. If you are still unsure of how mapping and learner progress are related, please contact your Account Manager for more information.


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