Programme Configuration Step 7 - Gaps


It is essential to carry out some form of gap analysis before publishing a programme so that you a confident all areas of the qualification are going to be met. This article will guide you through how to do this. 

User Roles

  • Programme Contributor
  • Programme Manager

How to complete Gap Analysis

  • Navigate to the gaps tab on the draft programme page 
  • Any criteria that has not been met the desired amount of times will show on this page: 


These assessment criteria are yet to be met and will need relevant activities created to cover them. The aim is to have no assessment criteria showing before you publish a programme, meaning all criteria has been met.

  • Note: If you meet a piece of criteria above the maximum number of times you requested this criteria will show up again on this screen. This is a warning that you have met the criteria above your desired amount of times and you may wish to adjust your activities.

Bud strongly recommends the following guidance.

  • Under or over mapping activities does not stop your ability to publish a programme. This gap function is only a guidance tool.
  • Bud recommends Programme Managers ensure all criteria is correctly mapped to activities, prior to publishing.


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