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Logging in and managing your account

My username and password are not recognised when I try to log in to Bud, what should I do?

Check your email address and password are correct. Follow the forgotten password link on the web login page and reset your password. If you are still having trouble logging in, contact Bud support for further assistance.

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it? 

Click on forgotten password at the Bud login page  If the email address is valid, you will receive an email from Bud which you will need to action within 12 hours.  If the link has expired, simply follow the forgotten password link again to repeat the process.

I have been set up with access to Bud but need more permissions, is that possible?

Speak to your system administrator in the first instance and they will be able to update your account.

Occasionally you may need to add a new system administrator. These requests need to be submitted to Bud support by the nominated key contact at your organisation.

Can the Bud logo be replaced with our own? 

Yes, there is the capacity to white-label Bud for you. Please speak to your Account Manager for more details. 


If my learner has functional skills, do they have to do them again? 

If Functional Skills are configured on a programme but are not required, then they can be exempted during the initial enrolment of your learner – you’ll find this on the first screen after the Apprenticeship Summary. You can also exempt or un-exempt when editing an application.  For example, if you exempted functional skills initially on the application but need to re-add then you can simply edit the application and remove the exemption.

Note that adding Functional Skills to a programme is different to configuring the programme for BKSB assessments. If the programme requires BSKB assessments then there's no way to avoid this in the application.

If a learner has done BKSB in a previous programme, do they have to take the tests again?

Whilst previous Initial Assessments can be used, we would suggest you consider the validity of the results in relation to how long ago the assessment was taken. Generally, assessments older than six months should be retaken.

How do I archive an application?

If you need to archive an application, speak to your operations manager as they will have the correct permissions to do this for you. Visit our knowledge base here to find out more

When can an application be archived?

You can archive an application up until it is in committed status.  After this, it is not possible to archive and you will need to complete and withdraw the learner.

I have added the wrong employer location to an application, can I change it?

No, once the employer location has been selected, it can not be changed. You will need to archive the application and start a new one with the correct details.

I have completed an application but have made an error. How do I correct it?

If the application needs to be amended at any point once it has been completed, then you will need to follow the edit flow and make the required change.  This will reset any signatures previously collected and they'll need to be collected again, but it will ensure the documents are current and correct.

Data Warehouse

How do I get access to your data warehouse?

Requests for access to the Data warehouse must be approved and raised as a ticket to Bud support by a named key contact from your organisation. You'll also need to supply the email address and IP address for each.  Once we have this the request will be processed within 2 working days from submission.  More about our Data Warehouse can be found here.

I'm trying to access Data Warehouse but I am getting an error message - what do I need to do?

The first thing to do would be to check your IP address to see if has changed since we initially set up your access.  If it has, you'll need to raise a ticket to and provide the new IP address and we will update it for you.  It's also useful to include any screenshots showing the error message you are receiving so we can troubleshoot further if required.

Learner progress and administration

Can I delete a progress review?

No, not at present. You can reschedule and edit the employer contacts/attendance. Once a review has been started it has to be progressed through to completion. You can add a note to the learner record to record an erroneous review.

Can I edit a progress review?

Yes, as long as it hasn't been started you can reschedule for a different date and invite or remove the line manager as an attendee.

Can I delete a learner who has withdrawn?

No. This was once a valid record and is required to remain on record for compliance and reporting purposes.


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