Bud Reporting

Reports have been embedded into the platform, this webinar will give you an overview of the new functionality.



For more information on using the Reports within Bud see this article. 



Q) Can I add additional fields to the reports?

We only support the Standard Bud Reports within the platform. If you wish to build your own reports you will need to use the PowerBI Desktop version.

We do have a super model PowerBI file that will give you all the relationships to build the reports you wish.

Q) Will I Still have access to the .PBIT?

Yes , your access to the .PBIT will remain.


Q) Can we publish our own reports into Bud?

This functionality is not currently in scope for the Bud Reports in the platform. 

Q) Can I still download reports?

Yes, there is functionality to allow you to download CSV's of the reports, please see the knowledge base guide on how to do this.


Q) Will there be future permissions changes so a tutor can only access their own learner data on reports?

We are looking at future enhancements to the reports which will include reports for individual roles such as a trainer/tutor.




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