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The first webinar in our Activity Management series, where we introduce you to the Activity Library. This webinar aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills to Start building your Activity Library and how you can leverage the library for more efficient program builds, by building activities once and using them across multiple programmes. 

Please note this functionality is for premium tier customers.

If you missed our webinar, you can watch it below:

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FAQs - Activity Library.

Managing your library

Q ) Will there be the ability to migrate existing activities into the library?

  • No, there won't be the ability to migrate existing activities to the library as many duplicates would exist as part if the migration. With the Library being brand new it provides the opportunity to audit your existing activities and create the most up-to-date content in the library as a new single source for your activities. 

Q) Will there be the ability to archive activities?

  • Initially there will not be the ability to archive activities, we are reviewing adding this functionality in future releases.

Q) Will this remove the functionality to add activities directly to a learning plan?

  • No, this functionality will remain the same as it is today.

 Q) Will you be able to duplicate and edit activities in the library?

  • This is not part of the current functionality however something that may be considered for future development.

Creating activities

Q) Is it possible to map Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours when creating an activity in the library?

  • No, as an activity can be added to multiple different programmes on different standards the mapping will not be added to the Library. When an activity is added to a programme you will need to map them to the knowledge, Skills and Behaviours.

Q) Can I have multiple activities with the same name?

  • No, the activity name must be unique within the library. 

Editing an activity

Q) Are attachments in the library going to be editable?

  • Yes, you will be able to remove and add new attachments.

Q) Will there be version control for the changes made to activities?

  • No there won’t be at this time.

Q) Can you revert to the draft at any point before the activity has been approved?

  • Yes, you can edit an activity at any point and the status will update back to draft until you request approval again.

Q) Can Scorm files be edited in the Library?

  • Yes, when you edit an activity in the Library you will be able to remove an existing Scorm package and replace it with the latest Package. In future phases, these updates will the propagate to inflight learners


Q) Is there any functionality to group activities within the activity library?

  • Yes, we have introduced the new concept of tagging which allows you to create and add tags to activities so you can easily identify different groups of activities.

Q) Can everyone see the tags, or is it just the user that created them?

  • Tags are treated the same way as all other entered activity detail, and can be seen by all. We recommend considering how you want to utilise the tagging system to maximise its benefits, especially providing ease when building your programmes.

Q) Can you assign multiple tags to an activity in the library?

  • Yes, you can assign as many as required.

Programme Builds

Q) Can you still clone a programme that includes activities from the library, carrying over the activities from the library and the mapping to Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours?

  • Yes, cloning will carry across activity library activities and the mapping set in the original programme.

 FAQ - Future Phases 

Q) Are you able to remap Knowledge Skills and Behaviours, if forgotten at programme build?

  • This will form part of phase 2, editing activities within a published programme. Once this is in place, you will be able to edit a published programme's activities, including the mapping to Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours. 

 Q) If we remove an activity and then add it back in, will we have to remap the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours?

  • Yes, if you remove and then re-add, that will be treated as a new activity. If you update the activity in the library, the mapping will remain in place and the updates will propagate through.

Q) Can you edit the order of activities after publication?

  • Phase 2 will allow editing activities within a published programme 

Q) Will this include the ability to amend Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours, links and SCORM activities on current live programmes?

  • Phase 2 will allow you to edit published programmes including the remapping of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours 

Q) Once a programme has been built, including all activities, published with learners enrolled. Will the functionality to edit activities within a published programme enable you to delete activities from the programme?

  • Yes, you can add, edit and remove activities from a programme. When propagating to learners, it will consider the business rules and where the learner is in their journey as to whether the update is implemented.

Q) Will there be a warning when deleting activities during editing activities within a published programme whereby learners are enrolled?

  • No there won’t be a warning as it is understood that any changes made to a published programme will follow the business rules defined whenever such changes are made.

Q) Will a trainer be able to use activity library activities to add to a learning plan via group learning or directly onto an individual learning plan?

  • Not at this current time. As part of this initial workstream, we are focusing on using the library to build your programmes.

Q) Will there be the ability to manually update activity for in-flight learners?

  • Not at this time. For the first iteration, we are focusing on automatically updating activities that were created in the library following the business rules.

Q) Is there an overview of the activities, and the programmes and Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours to which they are mapped?

  • This is not currently information that is available, however, we are currently considering what reporting would be required to support the activity library.

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