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It is possible to record in Bud the end destination of your Learners, for example in paid employment - promotion, in paid employment - new job (a full list is provided at the bottom of this article).  Providing the ability to understand how learners in different scenarios perform after they complete their apprenticeships. 

Things to note:

  • Adding these Learner Destinations will not update the ILR. This new functionality is in addition to the Destination & Progression in the ILR to provide Customers the ability to track at a far more granular level. 
  • This a premium feature please speak with your Customer Success Manager for further information on how to have this feature switched on. 

User Roles

  • Trainer
  • Ops Manager
  • Compliance Admin

How to: Capture a Learners Destination

The Learner Destinations is located on the 'Overview' page for any learner and can be updated as frequently as necessary (with prior entries being stored and displayed for each learner).

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Overview' page of a learner. 

Step 2: Scroll down to 'Learner Destinations'. Click 'Add Destination' to add a new destination for that learner. 

Step 3: Complete the form and press the 'Save & Close' button 


This new entry will now be visible in the table and also available in the Data Warehouse. 

Destination Options

The list of available options are: 

  • Education.
  • Gap year.
  • Not in paid employment.
  • Voluntary work.
  • In paid employment – promotion.
  • In paid employment – salary increase.
  • In paid employment – new job.
  • In paid employment – increased responsibility. 

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